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Getting My Art Out There

When I was in Disney World, I met a graphic artist named Alan Foxx. I told him about my art and gave him my blog. I don’t know if he looked at it though. I really do want to get my art out there, but it is hard. I have some pieces with Dev, my favorite musical artist, in them. I really want to get her attention to my art. I don’t know why, I just feel like it would help me get my art out there.


One response to “Getting My Art Out There

  1. rastelly

    I am a member of a writing group – but am
    also an illistrator without anyone willing to
    hire me – I was put in touch with a man who
    was working on a book, I even offered him
    half the going rate as it was my first time –
    we corrosponded as I worked on a peice
    for his webpage – for the sum of 350$. His
    editor – I was confused as to why a man
    who was self-publishing could even get an
    editor – his editor had someone else in
    mind – perhaps a friend of his was an
    illistrator. I knew this woulden’t end well
    but hoped I’de be able to gain more experience
    then I did. I plan to keep trying. I find that
    feedback can come from the places you
    least expect.

    PS. Leaving comments on other blogs
    will attract more visitors. I would also
    suggest using your drawings to tell a
    story – people have published great
    comic strips using stick figures, so you
    need not expend a lot of effort.
    Whatever you do keep trying.
    Your work has potential.

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