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Art Assignment Poop

I like the lady whose head is a tree, but I don’t like the guy with a outlet face. I didn’t have much time to work on him. These are illustrations for our sandman cover assignment. Another comic book cover assignment? Wow. I hate comic books and designing comic book covers. I hope this will be our last comic book assignment. Anyway, the tree lady was painted with watercolor and then I added stuff in photoshop because I had to. The outlet face guy was painted in oils (my first ever oil painting) and then edited on photoshop. Don’t look at it. It’s really bad. My art teacher forced me to put it on here.


EDIT: I deleted the terrible one! πŸ™‚


5 responses to “Art Assignment Poop

  1. rastelly

    Commic books are usually
    compiled with line sketches
    and traced in ink. You can
    treat the result like a coloring
    book and just fill everything
    in. Oil is a great medium for
    single stand alone works –
    or book covers. but the long
    drying time makes me wonder
    if it can be used to illistrate a
    large commissioned work.
    Oil is usually responcible
    though – for some of the
    best looking stuff you’ll
    ever see.

    I like the art in some
    comic books, but find
    the stories to be poorly

  2. Don’t fret. I think it’s great.

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