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An Apology

I would like to apologize for being absent from my blog a lot. Since school is out, I have no way to access my blog except for my wordpress app on my phone. If anyone has ever used that app, then they know how difficult it can be. Also, as great as the iPhone camera is, it is just not the best quality pictures for my art. Soon, I am getting a friend to scan all of my art and I will post it. Until then I will only be able to post iPhone quality pictures. I really missing blogging even though my blog is kind of a failure. Thanks to my followers and likers. You mean the world. Keep on being beautiful and I hope to post again soon.


One response to “An Apology

  1. rastelly

    You did all this on a school computer?
    That is great.
    I have access to a computer 24 seven and
    constantly fret over it. There are a lot of
    abandoned blogs out there but this is a
    free site so a lot of people just come
    to play. You are getting a lot of experience
    though – or at least some confidence,
    if you want to make a living as an artist
    knowing your way around a personal
    website can be useful –

    I have a new illistrated post – I often run
    my drawings through a photo-editor be-
    cause they don’t scan well.

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