New drawing

I just finished this tonight. I really like it! I worked so hard getting it just right. I wish I had a better quality picture!



A drawing of Dev with soft pastel and colored pencil

I did this piece just tonight. I did it with soft pastels and colored pencils. This was inspired by an artist I found on instagram. My instagram name is @bonpoisson if any of you guys want to follow me. This is a portrait of one of my favorite singers Dev.


Completed Painting

I just completed this painting. I painted the girl first, then I splattered the background with masking Fluid. Afterward I painted the background grey and added the telephone wire and birds. Then u splattered the primary colors on the background and let them sit, and then I wiped them off to created a nice little tint. Sorry for the low quality pictures, all I have is my iPhone right now. We don’t have Internet at my house so our computer is useless for the time being.




Process of a Painting

This is my process of one of my new pieces. I spent so much time on the crab, but I really, really like it. For the background, I painted a thick layer of blue paint then laid wet paper towels on top of it whilst it dried. To prevent it from getting on my crab and the sketch of my face, I covered those with masking tape. I repeated this step with yellow, green, and red. I then went and did another coat of blue over that. I need to finish my face and touch up around the crab. I should be finished in a few days!

BBC Poster

We had an assignment to make a BBC poster inspired by this guy.

This is my first one (I haven’t done the second one yet):

I really like this piece and it wasn’t too hard to make. The story I used is this. Errr… I can’t get BBC to open on the computer I am on right now, so I will have to link it later. I will give a brief summary, though. Apparently, Italy cut funding of art museums by 40% (or something close to that. the point is that it was a huge percentage). So, to protest, a museum is burning 3 art pieces a week. Artist are backing this protest, too. The tank in my piece is made out of one of the pieces that was burn. It was painted by a french artist. Once I get the link, you can get more details.

Ah-ha! Here is the link: LINK

Event Posters

I did a photomontage for the first one. I took the pics of this carousel horse in Meridian, Mississippi. I really enjoyed doing this piece. I used a warming filter in photoshop on the horse because it was a little bit too blue. I did this one in black and white to add an old-timey, mystical feel to the piece.

This piece I did completely on photoshop. Well, I sketched the outline for Big Ben a scanned it and went from there. I did a blue to black gradient. Afterwards, I went onto Corel Painter and did a salt effect to make the lights in the sky.

Another Art Piece and Good News!

I did this piece at the end of 2011, but I forgot to upload it. This is one of the pieces that got into the award-winning literary and art magazine at my school. Oh, I forgot to post that I got featured artist in that magazine which is amazing. I am the first sophomore to get that honor!

WWI & WWII Propaganda Posters

We had an assignment in APMEH to print out WWI and WWII propaganda posters. I really love propaganda posters, so I decided to make a post about them on here. Here are some of my favorite posters!