God, that took forever to make.


A New Oil Painting

This is my second oil painting to ever do. I really like this piece. It is a fun painting. She is kind of like a modern-day aristocrat lady.

Photoshop Face Assignment

In photography, we had an assignment to transpose our face onto a “famous” person. I found this picture in a Hunger Games magazine. I had to scan it and my teacher had to help me get the fold line off of the picture from the original scan. (There was a huge crease going right across his face.)

This is what I came out with. I worked really hard on it and I think it worked out well. My photography teacher too the original picture of me which I took my face from. We had to match the lighting so I could actually transpose my face convincingly. This project was really fun.

A Few Of My Recent Pictures

I Converted these from my negative with my little negative converter. The contrast isn’t exactly perfect, but it is close. I really like the pictures I took of my sister. The one of my little brother is okay, but I don’t like it as much. My mom likes that one more, though.

Travel Advertisement Posters

I painted this with watercolor and acetone. The clock face is the actual face of Big Ben from a picture with some filters. I intended on doing it by hand, but the due date was too close. When I get some free time, I intend on doing the clock face by hand.

This is the one I spent the most time on. I drew the picture in pencil with all of the shading and detail, then I went on photoshop and used a color layer to add the color. Then I added the black and brownish border and words with photoshop, too. I really like this piece. Oh, and tons of people told me the lady statue looks like a man with boobs. The reason for this is because I used a reference picture of an actual statue at Versailles. The sculptures were inspired by Greek sculpture. In ancient Greece, women would not model nude, so artist got men to model for them and made them feminine and added boobs to sculpt women. That is why she looks a bit manly.

Art Assignment Poop

I like the lady whose head is a tree, but I don’t like the guy with a outlet face. I didn’t have much time to work on him. These are illustrations for our sandman cover assignment. Another comic book cover assignment? Wow. I hate comic books and designing comic book covers. I hope this will be our last comic book assignment. Anyway, the tree lady was painted with watercolor and then I added stuff in photoshop because I had to. The outlet face guy was painted in oils (my first ever oil painting) and then edited on photoshop. Don’t look at it. It’s really bad. My art teacher forced me to put it on here.


EDIT: I deleted the terrible one! 🙂