Movie Poster Project

C’est tres bizzare mais tres genial aussi.


Photoshop Face Assignment

In photography, we had an assignment to transpose our face onto a “famous” person. I found this picture in a Hunger Games magazine. I had to scan it and my teacher had to help me get the fold line off of the picture from the original scan. (There was a huge crease going right across his face.)

This is what I came out with. I worked really hard on it and I think it worked out well. My photography teacher too the original picture of me which I took my face from. We had to match the lighting so I could actually transpose my face convincingly. This project was really fun.

A Few Of My Recent Pictures

I Converted these from my negative with my little negative converter. The contrast isn’t exactly perfect, but it is close. I really like the pictures I took of my sister. The one of my little brother is okay, but I don’t like it as much. My mom likes that one more, though.