Movie Poster Project

C’est tres bizzare mais tres genial aussi.


BBC Poster

We had an assignment to make a BBC poster inspired by this guy.

This is my first one (I haven’t done the second one yet):

I really like this piece and it wasn’t too hard to make. The story I used is this. Errr… I can’t get BBC to open on the computer I am on right now, so I will have to link it later. I will give a brief summary, though. Apparently, Italy cut funding of art museums by 40% (or something close to that. the point is that it was a huge percentage). So, to protest, a museum is burning 3 art pieces a week. Artist are backing this protest, too. The tank in my piece is made out of one of the pieces that was burn. It was painted by a french artist. Once I get the link, you can get more details.

Ah-ha! Here is the link: LINK

Photoshop Face Assignment

In photography, we had an assignment to transpose our face onto a “famous” person. I found this picture in a Hunger Games magazine. I had to scan it and my teacher had to help me get the fold line off of the picture from the original scan. (There was a huge crease going right across his face.)

This is what I came out with. I worked really hard on it and I think it worked out well. My photography teacher too the original picture of me which I took my face from. We had to match the lighting so I could actually transpose my face convincingly. This project was really fun.

Event Posters

I did a photomontage for the first one. I took the pics of this carousel horse in Meridian, Mississippi. I really enjoyed doing this piece. I used a warming filter in photoshop on the horse because it was a little bit too blue. I did this one in black and white to add an old-timey, mystical feel to the piece.

This piece I did completely on photoshop. Well, I sketched the outline for Big Ben a scanned it and went from there. I did a blue to black gradient. Afterwards, I went onto Corel Painter and did a salt effect to make the lights in the sky.

Adobe Seems Scandalous

On the Adobe website, they were running a promotional code SAVE80EDU. This code amazingly made photoshop CS5.5 about $40 and the creative suite for design aroun $90. I know a lot of people in my art class purchased products using this code, but tonight when I went to use it it woudn’t work. I found a chat where I could chat with reps of Adobe and I copied my conversation for you all to read. Apparently the code was a “mistake” which was made by the company. This just doesn’t make sense to me. How could they mistakenly put a promotion that huge on their official website? Also, if it was a mistake, then how did the code actually work? Now they are saying that anyone who purchased things using the code will not get the dicount and that seems really sketchy to me. Was this a scandal to get peope to buy their merchandise at a low price then charge them hundreds of dollars more? I don’t know, but it seems fishy. Here is my conversation and it was a little odd, too. I was getting really frustrated with the company.

Thank you for choosing Adobe. A representative will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is 0 minute(s) and 1 second(s) or longer as there are 1 customer(s) in line ahead of you.

You are now chatting with Muddasir.

Muddasir: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

Muddasir: Hi Jake

Jake: Hello I was wondering why the code save80edu isn’t working. I thought it lasted until march.

Muddasir: It was a false advertisement on Adobe website and Adobe has taken the measure to correct that. We apologize for the confusion. The promo offer code will not be applied on your order, however if the order is already placed we cannot guarantee you that the order will be processed with the discounted price.

Jake: Well, are there any other promotional codes that ill help me afford the CS5.5 creative suite?

Muddasir: No

Jake: What about the SAVEONEDU?

Muddasir: Jake, In this case you need to contact our sales team If you shall I transfer the chat to them ?

Jake: Please

Muddasir: Sure.

Please wait while I transfer you to an operator at Adobe Sales.

You are now chatting with ‘Mckay’ at Adobe Sales.

Mckay: Hi, How are you doing today?

Jake: Hello, I was wondering if there are any promotional codes besides SAVEONEDU that will help me afford adobe creative suite 5.5

Mckay: Jake, that is the only promotion we’re currently running.

Jake: So what was the big thing with SAVE80EDu

Mckay: Wish, I could provide you a different promotion code, unfortunately, there is non.

Jake: I don’t understand how that was a false advertisement if it was on the official Adobe site.

Mckay: Jake, we apologize for that.

Mckay: There was a mistake.

Jake: But how?

Jake: How does that happen.

Jake: ?

Mckay: We’re about give a promotion discount upto $200, by mistake we gave a promotion code of SAVE80EDU.

Mckay: Instead of SAVEONEDU.

Jake: Also, my friend purchased some of your products with that code. Will he get the discount of SAVE80EDU?

Mckay: Even if you already have placed the order we cannot guarantee you that the order will be processed with the discounted price.

Jake: So you are going to charge him more than what he thinks he will be charged?

Mckay: Yes.

Jake: And are you goingto tell him about it?

Mckay: The actual price is $2599.00, after educational discount it will cost you $899.00

Jake: You are not answering my question.

Mckay: Yes, they will receive an email direct from Adobe.

Mckay: I am, sorry for the delay.

Jake: Will they be able to cancel their order if they cannot afford that?

Mckay: Yes, they will get the refund.

Jake: Oh, okay. This whole thing seems very dishonest.

Mckay: We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

Jake: False advertisement is pretty low for a company as big as Adobe and it makes me question buying products from you.

Mckay: I’m sorry, that you feel so.

Mckay: I can understand your point.

Jake: Will their be any promotional codes better than SVEONEDU in the near future?

Jake: *saveonedu

Mckay: That is the best offer for now.

Mckay: You should consider using the code before it ends.

Jake: -in the near future-

Jake: I do not have a lot of money and the code does not give that great of a discount. My mother is a single mother of three and is trying to support me in an art academy, but I do not feel well putting the financial strain on her. SAVE80EDU actually gave me hope of getting the programs I needed.

Jake: This seems like a sleezy company scam.

Mckay: Jake, I can understand your position.

Jake: That is great, but does not help.

Mckay: I’d love to give you a promotion code better than SAVEONEDU, however, there is noting I can do if price matter.

Mckay: As we’re just a rep.

Jake: Again, I will ask, is there any promotional codes in the near future that will be better than SAVEONEDU?

Jake: Like in a month or so/

Mckay: I’m afraid not.

Mckay: If you ask me, this is the better discount.

Jake: Is there not going to be any or do you just not know?

Jake: Saving $70 dollars is better than saving $440 to you?

Mckay: Before we use to offer only $50 discount.

Mckay: I mean 10%.

Mckay: That would make Design Premium to $404.10

Mckay: But, now, we’re offering $70.

Jake: Oh, I thought you meant better than the fake promotional code.

Mckay: That would make it $379.00 for Design Premium.

Jake: I know that; I am great at math.

Mckay: Jake, we don’t have any information about future discount.

Mckay: You can place the order when you’re ready.

Mckay: I’m happy to help out, do you have any other questions for me?

Jake: I know I can place the order when I am ready, but I am not ready to order.

Jake: Are there any free shipping promotional codes?

Mckay: Well, we don’t have free shipping codes available.

Jake: Darn.

Mckay: I’m sorry.

Jake: It isn’t your fault.

Jake: Does Adobe make you say the things you do on chat because your word choice is odd.

Jake: ?

Mckay: We have to follow, there leads.

Jake: Oh, I understand now. They make you say things that are very pushy.

Mckay: Thanks for your understanding.

Mckay: Would that be all for now?

Jake: I guess, sorry if I seemed frustrated with you. It’s nothing personal I am just upset with Adobe. If you could, would you tell a higher up how upset a lot of people are with them because of this?

Mckay: Not to worry.

Mckay: I will escalate this to our Superiors.

Jake: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Mckay: Take care, hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend.

Mckay: Thank you for visiting today! Please come back online if you need any assistance. We will be happy to help.

Mckay: We’d like to hear your comments. ┬áPlease click on the ‘Close’ button in the upper right corner and take a moment to complete a short survey. ┬áThank you! Have a Nice Day!

Travel Advertisement Posters

I painted this with watercolor and acetone. The clock face is the actual face of Big Ben from a picture with some filters. I intended on doing it by hand, but the due date was too close. When I get some free time, I intend on doing the clock face by hand.

This is the one I spent the most time on. I drew the picture in pencil with all of the shading and detail, then I went on photoshop and used a color layer to add the color. Then I added the black and brownish border and words with photoshop, too. I really like this piece. Oh, and tons of people told me the lady statue looks like a man with boobs. The reason for this is because I used a reference picture of an actual statue at Versailles. The sculptures were inspired by Greek sculpture. In ancient Greece, women would not model nude, so artist got men to model for them and made them feminine and added boobs to sculpt women. That is why she looks a bit manly.