BBC Poster 2

This is my second piece for this project. The article was about creating artificial DNA and other things. It was very interesting. Here is a link to the article. Ran out of time! I will link you later!

EDIT: Here is the LINK.


BBC Poster

We had an assignment to make a BBC poster inspired by this guy.

This is my first one (I haven’t done the second one yet):

I really like this piece and it wasn’t too hard to make. The story I used is this. Errr… I can’t get BBC to open on the computer I am on right now, so I will have to link it later. I will give a brief summary, though. Apparently, Italy cut funding of art museums by 40% (or something close to that. the point is that it was a huge percentage). So, to protest, a museum is burning 3 art pieces a week. Artist are backing this protest, too. The tank in my piece is made out of one of the pieces that was burn. It was painted by a french artist. Once I get the link, you can get more details.

Ah-ha! Here is the link: LINK

Travel Advertisement Posters

I painted this with watercolor and acetone. The clock face is the actual face of Big Ben from a picture with some filters. I intended on doing it by hand, but the due date was too close. When I get some free time, I intend on doing the clock face by hand.

This is the one I spent the most time on. I drew the picture in pencil with all of the shading and detail, then I went on photoshop and used a color layer to add the color. Then I added the black and brownish border and words with photoshop, too. I really like this piece. Oh, and tons of people told me the lady statue looks like a man with boobs. The reason for this is because I used a reference picture of an actual statue at Versailles. The sculptures were inspired by Greek sculpture. In ancient Greece, women would not model nude, so artist got men to model for them and made them feminine and added boobs to sculpt women. That is why she looks a bit manly.

WWI & WWII Propaganda Posters

We had an assignment in APMEH to print out WWI and WWII propaganda posters. I really love propaganda posters, so I decided to make a post about them on here. Here are some of my favorite posters!