Completed Painting

I just completed this painting. I painted the girl first, then I splattered the background with masking Fluid. Afterward I painted the background grey and added the telephone wire and birds. Then u splattered the primary colors on the background and let them sit, and then I wiped them off to created a nice little tint. Sorry for the low quality pictures, all I have is my iPhone right now. We don’t have Internet at my house so our computer is useless for the time being.





Quick painting

I painted this tonight. I used black watercolor. I don’t know what I am going to the background yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated and taken into consideration! 🙂



Travel Advertisement Posters

I painted this with watercolor and acetone. The clock face is the actual face of Big Ben from a picture with some filters. I intended on doing it by hand, but the due date was too close. When I get some free time, I intend on doing the clock face by hand.

This is the one I spent the most time on. I drew the picture in pencil with all of the shading and detail, then I went on photoshop and used a color layer to add the color. Then I added the black and brownish border and words with photoshop, too. I really like this piece. Oh, and tons of people told me the lady statue looks like a man with boobs. The reason for this is because I used a reference picture of an actual statue at Versailles. The sculptures were inspired by Greek sculpture. In ancient Greece, women would not model nude, so artist got men to model for them and made them feminine and added boobs to sculpt women. That is why she looks a bit manly.

Watercolour Techniques

Today, I was reading a book on watercolour. I was not expecting to learn anything new because it was just one of those “learn how to (insert thing here)” books, but I actually came across something interesting.

1. If you paint a coat of watercolor, then you add salt it will look like this:

2. Also, I splatter paint with watercolour a lot, but I have come across a problem. It is difficult to make small splatter marks. In this book, it said to take a toothbrush and a comb to make small splatters. First, dip the toothbrush into the paint, then run it across the comb whilst pointing the comb towards the paper. A tip from Jake: Cover the part of your painting that you do not want splatter paint on with wax paper, or for the penny-pinching artist, you can use the glossy pages from magazines.

3. You can add texture by placing plastic wrap or aluminum foil over your painting whilst it is still wet. NOTE: Let the paint dry completely before removing the wrap or foil. ( You don’t have to limit yourself to just these materials either. Try many different things. Experiment! And if you discover anything cool, leave a comment to share your technique with the world! [Or just the privileged few who know of this site.])