An Apology

I would like to apologize for being absent from my blog a lot. Since school is out, I have no way to access my blog except for my wordpress app on my phone. If anyone has ever used that app, then they know how difficult it can be. Also, as great as the iPhone camera is, it is just not the best quality pictures for my art. Soon, I am getting a friend to scan all of my art and I will post it. Until then I will only be able to post iPhone quality pictures. I really missing blogging even though my blog is kind of a failure. Thanks to my followers and likers. You mean the world. Keep on being beautiful and I hope to post again soon.

A drawing of Dev with soft pastel and colored pencil

I did this piece just tonight. I did it with soft pastels and colored pencils. This was inspired by an artist I found on instagram. My instagram name is @bonpoisson if any of you guys want to follow me. This is a portrait of one of my favorite singers Dev.


Completed Painting

I just completed this painting. I painted the girl first, then I splattered the background with masking Fluid. Afterward I painted the background grey and added the telephone wire and birds. Then u splattered the primary colors on the background and let them sit, and then I wiped them off to created a nice little tint. Sorry for the low quality pictures, all I have is my iPhone right now. We don’t have Internet at my house so our computer is useless for the time being.